SOGGYBEAN Staff application

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1 - Discord Name/ID (include the #0000) SOGGYBEAN #5838
2 - CAD Name Trevor Jim
3 - Age? 17
4 - Do you have a mic? yes
5 - How long have you been on the server? 1 day
6 - How active can you be? very very active
7 - Timezone? NA West
8 - Why do you want to become a staff? (Minimum 1 paragraph) i wanna help out the server and wanna make sure nothing goes wrong with hackers or griefers and people who just join to ruin servers and wanna help out in general
9 - In your opinion, what’s the most important rule and why?
Thank you for choosing to apply for EGRP Staff Team! Please give us time to process this application and reply. You will receive an reply if you were accepted or denied.

Hi there,
Thank you for applying we have decided to accept you into our staff team on a trial basis.

You will receive further details in private messages. :slightly_smiling_face: