Rewards & Nitro/Donation Perks

With the upcoming Elite Bot economy update, a few donator and nitro only perks will be added with that. Of course there will be many ways for everyone to make credits, this is only just little perks.
This along with the #rewards channel will be-created with new ways to gain those roles as well as credits and even XP. :slot_machine:

Nitro Only perks will include weekly credits given out as well as other custom features such as commands and ease of use perks. Donations will work similarly, expect with a twist. :cherries:

Everyone will be able to claim daily credit rewards simply for their first message in chat for that 24 hour period. As well as this, there will be new trivia/quiz commands, including daily ones for which when you get right, you’ll get bonus credits. In a future development update, there may even be a daily streak reward for keeping a daily streak, which can stack up to 14 days. At the end, you’d receive a big reward. :banana: :watermelon:

New updated regarding this will follow! Stay tuned :smiley: