Joe S. Dispatch Application

1 - Discord Name/ID (include the #0000) Swindle#8116
2 - CAD Name: Joe S
3 - Age? 14
4 - Do you have a mic? Yes
5 - How long have you been on the server? I have just joined.
6 - How active can you be? Everyday besides Tuesday and Friday
7 - Timezone? BST
8 - List any previous Dispatching experiences (skip if none). 1x Community TXDPSRP
9 - Why do you want to join Elite Gaming RP Dispatch Team? I would like to join this department as I have been a Air Traffic Controller on Vatsim for quite some time and I just love the communications side of FiveM. I would like to become a dispatcher because I love being able to handle situations that maybe without a dispatcher they may fumble on or fail at without me. It is my goal to give me services and 4 months of vatsim training to the dispatch team here.

Thank you for choosing to apply for the Dispatching department! Please give us time to process this application and reply. You will receive an reply if you were accepted or denied.


Thanks for applying.
We’ve come to the conclusion to accept you into our dispatcher team!
You’ll receive more details in your DM’s very soon. :slightly_smiling_face: