Elite Gaming - 14 days of Christmas Giveaways!

We are pleased to finally present our massive giveaway which we have been preparing for over the past few weeks! Please read over the next parts of this page which contains all the information that you need to enter each giveaway, as well as any legal things that we must state. :gift:

How to Enter our Giveaways:

  • Our giveaways will always be posted on our Discord & Twitter. Giveaways may begin at random points during the day throughout our 14 day giveaway window. :Discord: :Twitter:

  • Instructions on how to enter will be posted alongside the item being given away (on both platforms). Every giveaway, you must follow our twitter and like+re-tweet the tweet as one entry. You will also be required to join our discord server for a second entry. There may also occasionally be a third entry method, such as subscribing for those that want the highest chance of winning. :slot_machine:

  • On the Elite Gaming UK discord server, you may find all the rewards that we’ll be giving away throughout the giveaway period in #:santa:|giveaway-items and the actual daily giveaways where you have to react, will be posted into the #:christmas_tree:|daily-giveaways channel.

  • Each giveaway will last 24 hours from the time of posting. :alarm_clock:

  • Winners will always be announced shortly after a giveaway ends, whilst we draw a winner. Winners will be posted on our twitter and discord, alongside a DM to the winner. :tada:

  • Everyday, there will be a new item that is given away. None of the prizes given away will be the same! :santa:

  • You may learn more about this giveaway as well as our Terms & Conditions on our website: https://elite-gaming.co.uk/christmas-giveaway :globe_with_meridians:

We wish you all a Merry Christmas! :smile: :christmas_tree: