Elite Bot: Economy Update!

Elite Bot’s big economy update is very close to completion.

This will introduce a new currency system from which you can spend on additional perks, gambling commands and much more integration coming soon! :money_with_wings:

From the beginning, the currency will be earned through levelling up, disboard bumping, daily activity in chat (first message of the day) and many more ways within the future. :moneybag:

This new update, will also bring changes to the rewards system currently in place, as well as the nitro/donation rewards scheme for boosting or donating to the server! :+1: :crazy_face:

This update will be released in a few stages, first will be the main base line for the coin system, then adding coin integration to commands and finally bringing this into our servers, or events and other large and exciting ideas in the future! :elite_gaming: :heart:

Hope to see you ready to test out the new features :crazy_face:


Nice!! That seems like it’s gonna be a huge and fantastic update. Really excited for it :grin:
Keep up the good work as usual :tada: