Dcapone00 Police Application

Set a title to match your application!

1 - Discord Name/ID (include the #0000)
2 - CAD Name
Rhys Bentley
3 - Age?
4 - Do you have a mic?
5 - Which department are you applying for? (LSPD, SASP or BCSO) LSPD
6 - How long have you been on the server?
Since May
7 - How active can you be?
i’ll aim to be on at least once a week
8 - Timezone?
9 - List any previous police experiences (skip if none).
Was previously on the lspd team

Thank you for choosing to apply for the police department! Please give us time to process this application and reply. You will receive an reply if you were accepted or denied.

We’ll review the application shortly. Thank you for your patience.

My CAD name has been changed to “Dee Capone”

Hey you’ve been accepted, check the police channel you now have access to for more info.