Cole Mason Staff Application

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1 - Discord Name/ID (include the #0000)
Cole-1612 ™#4029
2 - CAD Name
Cole Mason

3 - Age?

4 - Do you have a mic?

5 - How long have you been on the server?
Joined today already Loving it!

6 - How active can you be?
Most days! For around 3-4 Hours!

7 - Timezone?

8 - Why do you want to become a staff? (Minimum 1 paragraph)
I want to be a staff because I love helping people out in Roleplay. I have had 2 Years + As staff i other server from Mod - Server Manger. As A Staff member I will always follow the rules. Quick fact about myself I have FRP & Thats why I love becoming staff who likes FRP? Not me! I will be able to do well for the server & Its friendly Commtiy

9 - In your opinion, what’s the most important rule and why?
For me the most important rules is NITRP People who NITRP really do get on my mind! NITRP Also know as No Intend to Roleplay is when some basic FRPS And RDM , VDM Stuff like that! Ruining other people fun.

Thank you for choosing to apply for EGRP Staff Team! Please give us time to process this application and reply. You will receive an reply if you were accepted or denied.

sorry but you have been denied cause u only been on the server for day

How long do I need to be in the server for?