Application for moderator

Set a title to match your application!

1 - Discord Name/ID (include the #0000)
2 - CAD Name
Grzegorz Żuk
3 - Age?
4 - Do you have a mic?
5 - How long have you been on the server?
Two months
6 - How active can you be?
4-5 times a week 1-3 hours for a day
7 - Timezone?
Polish time zone GMT+1
8 - Why do you want to become a staff? (Minimum 1 paragraph)
I want to be a staff because I like playing on this server I’m active very often and I would like to have an influence on what is happening on the server and I would like to improve it and I’m active on dc server
9 - In your opinion, what’s the most important rule and why?
in my opinion most important rule is you must role playing every situation because when noone follow this rule server will not make sens

Thank you for choosing to apply for EGRP Staff Team! Please give us time to process this application and reply. You will receive an reply if you were accepted or denied.

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Thanks for applying, as per the application.
You have been processed as approved for the staff team.
Congratulations :tada: Make sure to check DM’s for more details :slightly_smiling_face: