Ai/NPC ped for fire & ems

since fire and ems is so unpopulated, i was thinking we should add ai’s instead. when you die, you click g for the distress signal and an ems ai comes and revives you.

for fire we could have a command like /911fire [postal code] and firemen ai’s could come and with their truck and hoses and put out a fire

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I like that idea, I’ve changed the topic as it was set to uncategorised :+1:
But yeah that’s pretty smart, since police is more popular and ems/fd is hard to find people who actually want to be active in there sadly :frowning:

yeah, maybe it can be added in the next update!

I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but I’ll do my research. If it doesn’t exist I’ll just create it myself. :slight_smile:

that’s a good idea :slight_smile: makes our server unique

I agree :slight_smile: